Unusual band on contour plot (Fluent – Single Phase)

    • jlhee

      Hi all,

      I meshed my domain using ANSYS Mesher in WorkBench, this mesh consists of sweep mesh and polyhedral (converted from tetra). The residuals level has improved considerably after good slicing and meshing. (Typically 1e-3 to 1e-6) with velocity inlet. Mass flow inlet giving 1e-3  

      The total mesh count is approximately 1.5m cells. After examining the flow field, I found odd fringes on the colour plots. Are they artificially created by postprocessing graph? 

      I wasn't sure if the conversion to polyhedral mesh might create some very high aspect ratio mesh that resulted in such a feature. 

      Any idea?



      Colour Band Issue

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I assume you're using a research licence on campus? Can you replot and zoom in, also turn off the node values.  I suspect it's a side effect of the poly mesh and wall/interior interactions. 


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