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Update failed for the Solve Physics component in Study

    • martina.mohr



      I was working on a heatsink simulation, which has previously produced results. 

      I added the mesh panel to my workflow and reran the simulation. It stopped and got the following massage:

      Update failed for the Solve Physics component in Study. Das Objekt des Typs "System.String" kann nicht in Typ "System.Collections.IDictionary" umgewandelt werden.

      The last part is in German (although AIM is always set to English for me) and says “the object with the type "System.String" could not be converted into the type "System.Collections.IDictionary".

      What is this error about? I never changed anything in the language settings or anything like that and I also did not change anything major in the simulation setup between the time it worked and the time I got this error (accept adding the mesh panel to the workflow, but I didn’t change any settings there).


      Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Martina_Mohr

      Are you able to generate mesh after adding Mesh task to your workflow? If mesh generation is successful, can you solve physics and see if it goes through? Or can you try changing any of the thermal load values to make the solution out of date and then solve it again?

      If the above options does not help, I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling and try solving the model. If the issue persists, please send the model through Secure Transfer for further investigation.

      • martina.mohr

        Naresh Patre 

        Thank you for your advice. Reinstalling seemed to fix the issue.

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