Update of DEFINE_PROFILE UDFs in Fluent 2019

    • bdussoubs

      Dear all,

      We face a strange behaviour with version 2019 of Ansys Fluent (this was not happening with version 2017 and we have not tested version 2021 yet):

      One of our users is reading a case (.cas and .dat), previously created and saved in version 2017, with version 2019. This case includes a certain number of UDFs, among others DEFINE_PROFILE. The DEFINE_PROFILE UDFs should be read at each iteration (it was the case with the version 2017).

      But with version 2019 the DEFINE_PROFILE UDFs are just read when files are loaded, but they are no more read after then during the whole computation (neither at each iteration nor at each time step). This problem remains even when the case (.cas and .dat) is saved and loaded again with version 2019.

      On the contrary, if the files are loaded and the case reinitialized in version 2019, DEFINE_PROFILE UDFs are read at each iteration of each time step.

      Since the calculations are quite long, a systematic reinitialization cannot be considered as a solution.

      Please could you help figure this problem out ? 

      Best Regards

      Dr. B. Dussoubs

    • YasserSelima
      Try to do the following, initialise and then file-read -data .. and read the old data file ...
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