Updating a Named-Selection forcing a full remesh?


    • mazamin

      Hello All

      I have a complex 3D model that I created by DM, Mesh, and FLUENT. Later, in Fluent, I:

      1) refined the mesh in some areas (using Mesh program not FLUENT Mesh)

      2) added some Fluid and Solid zones (by marking/separation).

      Then in Mesh, I decided to add an Interior boundary to an existing Interior Type Named Selection, called X. I was hoping that this simple renaming (Named Selection) would not require a re-mesh, but unfortunately it did remesh, and because of that, after updating the Set Up and Solution, all added Zones, and mesh refinements in Fluent were lost.

      My question is that, could I do it in a way that the simple edit in Named Selection wouldn't make all these hassles?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you've updated anything in Meshing, Fluent will need to re-read the mesh which resets Fluent re refinement zones etc. Boundary conditions should remain assuming the labels don't alter. 

      Depending on what NS needed altering we can split surfaces in Fluent but I advise doing this outside of Workbench as it'll conflict with the workflows. 

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