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Use boundary condition type as parameter

    • c.bruno
      I am running Fluent simulations on a cylindrical tube with different openings and 1 inlet and 1 outlet.

      Each opening has its own named selection and I usually define them as internal so that the fluid can pass thought them. 
      My problem is that now I want to create a parameter for each opening that can switch the BC-type between "internal" and "wall", so that I can see how the fluid distribution change when some of these openings are closed. 
      I need this to run a DOE in optislang containing several geometrical parameters and possibly the ones for the BC-types to get results for different combinations of open/closed openings together with different openings' dimensions and positions. 
      Is there any way to make the BS type a parameter?
      Thank you!
    • Ulrich Schmidt

      In Fluent (or Workbench) it is not possible to define a parameter for a boundary zone type. Parameters in Fluent are designed to set boundary settings (conditions), e. g. velocity or temperature.

      Perhaps you can define the boundary condition type as parameter on the optiSLang side if you define everything via a TUI journal. However, then you would need some smart logic (probably scripting) for setting all wall boundary conditions whereas there is nothing to set if the zone has type "internal".

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