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General Mechanical

Use Mesh from Abaqus for Ansys Simulation

    • angschw


      I am working on a university project and I have some problems with the mesh.

      For my simulation I have do use meshes form Abaqus.

      I am using Mechanical APDL 19.2 were I convert the Abaqus .inp file with the command "ABTOANS.MAC" into a .ans file.

      Everyhting works fine as long as I used linear element types, in this case linear tetraeder. When I use quadratic tedraeder, the generated Mesh is missing some elements.

      How can i solve this problem?

      I hope someone can help me with this problem.

      Best regards


    • jdavidgg01
      Hello angschw  im an student and i need to import a file from abaqus .inp to ansys, can you explain me in detail how to use the command  ABTOANS.MAC?.thank younregardsn
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