Use of PIN diode using HFSS

    • Anuj Kumar Sahoo

      I want to use PIN diode in my circuit in HFSS. Can I use the S2P file of diode for the same? I found out, resistor and capacitor has to be used for ON and OFF state, respectively. Is it so? Which one is correct and feasible in HFSS?  

    • slouie
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Anuj,

      You may place ports in your HFSS model where you'd like to connect the PIN diode. The S2P file can be connected to these ports in Circuit. The procedure for this is described in our Dynamic Link workshop. See Customer Portal link below for access to this workshop:



    • robinirazoqui

      I can't seem to login to costumer portal, is there any way you can make this public?

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