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      I am modeling an extrusion process. The heat transference from the barrel is being considered. The extruder has several heat zones along the barrel and I am modeling a section that comprises 2 of them. Therefore, there are two heat transference equations to be used in this boundary, one at the begin of the mesh and one at the end of it. I am having problems modeling it, I draw the mesh with two domains and used the "source of connected condition", but in the post processing it did not work very well. So I think there would have an easier way to model this case.

      I appreciate any considerations.

      Thank you!



    • ydai
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Larissa sorry for not being able to answer your question sooner due to the US July 4th holiday-vacation season.
      According to your description on the problem, it is not clear to me on how the heat zones are heated and how the heat zones are connected with the fluid zone, the barrel.
      Selecting the type of the thermal boundary condition really needs to be consistent with the actual heat transfer physics.
      The source of connected condition is the thermal bc specifically designed for the two adjacent domains being touched with nonconformal mesh and there is heating on the nonconformal interface, which doesn't seems being the bc which should be applied for modeling the heat transfer into the fluid zone from its adjacent heat zones. Especially when the heat zone is conformally connected with the fluid zone, the heating condition available on the interface between the fluid zone and the solid zone seems ought to be used, if there do have the extra heating on the interface. This actually also doesn't seems being the case. If the heat zone is heated via one of it external boundary thru heat flux or heat convection, the flux density imposed bc on the boundary of the solid subdomain should be applied. Or if the heating on the heat zone in the solid is actually a volumetric heating, you need to add heat source in the solid material menu to heat up the solid which in turn to heat up the the fluid zone.
      If you have any question or need any clarification, please let me know.

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