Use values from multiple parametric solutions in Fields Calculator expression? (Maxwell)

    • FFFFN
      I am trying to find where the B-field is coplanar for 3 different simulation configurations. I'd like to achieve this by calculating (a×b)⋅c using an array of vectors from parametric analysis A, B, and C; the vectors should be coplanar anywhere this evaluates as 0.
      I cannot find a way in the Fields Calculator to have Ansys Maxwell evaluate the same vector using different variable values. I have found the "Change Variable Values" button which allows me to swap what simulation all of the vectors evaluate from, but no method for drawing values from more than one simulation in the same expression.
      Does anyone know of a method for achieving this? Thank you for your help.
    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee

      Hello @FFFFN,

      Unfortunately, this cannot be done with field calculator dirrectly. However, you could export the fields result of each variation and do the computation outside of Maxwell. Please remember to apply solved variation at 'Results', then change the variabble values in field calculator before you exporting them.


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