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General Mechanical

User-Defined Creep for Concrete

    • Aiadema


      I have been trying to model the long term behavior of a timber-concrete beam, which have made me consider the concrete creep. For my analytical model, I use the CEB-FIP 90 model, which has shown accurate results. However, when I use the curve fitting option in Ansys, none of the 13 available models fit. The closest model to fit is the Ansys 6 (modified time hardening), but it is not precise enough. Here is a comparison:

      It is a strain/time [years] relation, so I could not try every model, just three of them. The coefficients were: C1= 9.72e-07. C2 =1. C3=-0.89463. C4=0.

      Does someone have experience with user defined model ? I think it is my last chance to get the same curve, but I have no experience with user programable features. Is there another option?


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