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General Mechanical

User input (question mark) is preventing meshing and solving Design Points

    • Ondřej Dundáček


      I have trouble with solving Design Points which are not updating due to required User input in Mechanical. The problem is due to using Wokrsheet based Named Selections that inclueds nodes and then using these Named Selection as a scoping method in definition of Remote Points. Model needs to be meshed in order to Remote Points became green checked instead of blue question mark.

      Is there any way to force meshing so the Named Selections and Remote Points are created before it halts on required user input? So I can solve my Design points? Input variables in the Design Points are geometry based so every DP requires remeshing.

      Thank you.

    • peteroznewman

      Do not scope Loads or Supports to nodes when creating models that you want to exercise in a Parameter Set that will cause remeshing.

      Scope only to geometry: Points, Edges, Faces.

      If you need a point where one does not exist, open the geometry and split the face to create a vertex where you need it.

      If you need a short piece of a long edge, split one of the faces on that edge to create the short edge.

      If you need a small piece of a large face, sketch a small closed shape on the large face in SpaceClaim and the face will be split.

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