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Using AnsysEM 19.5 on Windows with LSF

    • ScottBruce

      I am looking for some help on getting AnsysEM 19.5 installed on Windows working with LSF 10.2.


      I have configure the PATH variable to included the LSF bin directory

      ‘Path=C:Windowssystem32;C:Windows;C:WindowsSystem32Wbem;C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0;C:Program FilesIBMLSF Desktop Clientbin;’ 

      but I still get the error
      “Error initializing scheduler: Error(s) in LSF environment: The PATH is not set correctly; Some of the required LSF commands not found.. Proceed?”

      When I try and choose ‘LSF’ from the Select Scheduler  menu.

      Based on the below page, the commands listed are executable from the command line.

      As a test I can successfully submit a job from the command line, so I know LSF is configured and running.

      bsub -n 4 -cwd /tmp/Ansoft/ -e /tmp/phased_array_unitcell.aedt.err "/tools/ansys/ansys.2019r3/AnsysEM19.5/Linux64/ansysedt -distributed -machinelist numcores=1 -auto -monitor -ng -batchoptions ' '''HFSS/HPCLicenseType'''='''Pool''' '''HFSS/RAMLimitPercent'''=90' -batchsolve /tmp/Ansoft/phased_array_unitcell.aedt"

      The simulation completes properly and is able to be monitored from the GUI.
      I have ran ansysedt.exe with debugging enabled and the PATH is set properly.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Another thing I have discovered an bug in the ansoftrsmservice.exe executable on Linux, for AnsysEM 19.5 running on CentOS 7.7.1908. If the process table is too large , roughly more than 2000 processes running on the server, ansoftrsmservice.exe will crash if somebody clicks the “Test Machines” button in the Analysis Configuration window under HPC and Analysis Options.  I am sure the problem happens when it ‘walks’ the /proc directory.
      Where can I submit bug reports?

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      So, you are trying to setup such that you can submit AEDT (HFSS, etc.) jobs from Windows client machine to LSF Linux cluster ?

      If so, I don't the Path is read from Windows machine, it's read from Linux submission node where Ansoft RSM service is running. I wonder if you are specifying certain username/password in Tools > options > general options > remote analysis  ? If not, please note that the actual job submission to scheduler would be done by the user that starts Ansoft RSM service. So, please make sure its environment variables have LSF PATH and others LSF related environment variables..

      For the bug, I will have to check with my colleagues first if they've ever seen this issue. The bug submission can be done only by ANSYS employee.

    • ScottBruce

      Yes, that is what I was hoping to do. Submit a joba to a LSF Linux cluster from a Windows client. Based on your response,I have reconfigured the ansoftrsmservice on the LSF head node and can now successfully submit a LSF job.

      Thank you for your help,


    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Perfect ! Thank you for the update.

      Regarding the bug, I'm still checking with my colleagues, I will let you know as soon as I hear something from them.



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