Using DFT monitors for a specific time interval

    • JoonyoungLee

      Hello, I'm currently studying photonic crystals with Lumerical, and I faced some problems with the bandstructure analysis.

      Is it possible to set the start time of the monitor, as if it is on TimeMonitor? Instead of using the embedded bandstructure analysis tool, I would like to use a DFT monitor to separate the modes and observe their E profiles. But dipole excitation takes some time to reach eigenmodes, so I want my DFT monitor to ignore the first 1/3 of the simulation time. Otherwise, dipole sources dominate the E profile and I cannot obtain any useful information from it. Does the program offers such time interval setup explicitly, or at least internally via scripting?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Once you get the bandstructure, and just want to know the mode profile on the bands, you can use profile monitor, and set the apodization:

      Please use previous time signal information to set the apodization. Understanding time apodization in frequency domain monitors

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