using do loop

    • Taufiq138

      I have drawn line surfaces in fluent for simulation of my problem. I got a code from my elder for creating surface monitors with that code. The code is like:

      Ti-menu-load-string (format #f "solve/monitors/surface/set-monitor surf-mon-~a mass zeta lineformon~a () n y y surf-mon-~a.out 1 y flow-time" z z z)

      i am not understanding the 'n y y' command and how this code is generating printe and write command in monitor

    • Karthik R

      Please load the case and data file in Fluent. Please copy the TUI command in " " and paste it into the Fluent Console. Please follow the steps and Fluent will ask you corresponding questions. n means that your response is 'no' and y means 'yes'.

      I hope this helps.



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