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Using ‘Parameters’ in multi-step simulations (ANSYS Mechanical)

    • micsinco


      I'm modelling a bolted steelwork arrangement in ANSYS Mechanical. The model includes bolt pretension forces and an applied load. The pretension is applied in the first timestep and locked during the second. The applied load is only applied during the second timestep.

      I want to efficiently obtain results at many different bolt pretension and applied load values. In other single-timestep models I've developed I could set the applied loads and desired results as parameters, and efficiently run multiple models through the 'Parameters' interface.

      It appears that you can no longer use 'Parameters' if the model has more than one time-step. Is there an alternative tool I could use to efficiently run multiple models with different input load values?


    • peteroznewman

      If you were skilled at APDL, you may be able to write out your model as APDL, add some code to create the parameter and run that code. I don't know how to do that but there are members on this site that might describe how to do that.

      Another idea is to see if the INISTATE command could be used. I don't know for sure that this would work, but the idea is that a model that has one step, the bolt pretensioning step, is solved and the state of stress is written to a file. Then a second model that has only one step, the applied load, has the INISTATE command to read in the initial stress. Again, members on this site might be able to help you get this working.

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