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Using quadratic elements in LS-DYNA using mat_002

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    • SMBK3008

      I am using quadratic elements (20 nodes) in LS-DYNA to run my simulations. I am using mat 002 (mat_orthotropic_elastic) which I use as an isotropic material. But after running my simulations it ignores my quadratic elements seen in the picture and places the nodes on linear lines of the element. After this the geometry expands because of the pressure put on the inside of my geometry. In my simulation I use ELFORM=23 (20-node hexahedron formulation)

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Were you able to solve your problem?
      Why do you use *MAT_002 as isotropic? Can't you use *MAT_001? Also, why do you need to use quadratic solids elform=23? Have you considered using regular solids elform=1 or thick shell solid elements?


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