Using setglobalsource in model object script

    • williamfraser3

      Is it not possible to use the setglobalsource function inside the setup script of the ::model object? I am simulating a grating coupler with port objects in Lumerical FDTD. I want to have a wavelength variable in the ::model setup that can be used to set the operating wavelength from a script but it says setglobalsource is not a valid function or variable name. How else can I change the wavelength of the input port?


      Thank you!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Not every script can work in groups or model. Unfortunately, "setglobalsource" does not work in model.

      When "setglobalsource" does not work, please try other method. For example, you can preset the global source parameters and save it into a template project file. Everyting you need it, load it first, save it to a new file name to prevent modification of the template.


      You can also file a feature request. Please refer to this post


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