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Using User Subroutine with Autodyn – EOS(Equatino Of State) modeling

    • Myunghyun Shin


      I'm a mechanical engineering student studying autodyn user subroutines.


      I have a question regarding modeling the Equation of State (EOS) using subroutines.


      As stated in the manual, information about input parameters, variables, checks, and the equation solution for the linear equation of state is supposed to be stored in a module file called "mdeos_linear.f90", as shown in the image below.


      Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate this file.

      Could you provide the location of the "mdeos_linear.f90" file?


      Thanks and best regards,

      Myunghyun Shin

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      You can find the examples of Autodyn user subroutines on material modelling from your ANSYS Installation. See attached picture below.

      You can uncomment the Fortran statements in the user-subroutine "mdeos_user_1.f90" that are related to Linear EOS and then edit them to get your customized linear EOS. 

      There is no such file "mdeos_linear.f90" in ANSYS Installation.



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