Utilizing the domain decomposition solver in HFSS with a SLURM cluster

    • holloway

      Folks, we are looking for any guidance that describes, in detail, the use of the domain solver in an HPC configuration. I’m interested in this solver for some larger FEM models, in which the per-node memory is exceeded, and one that utilized FE-IE hybrid boundary conditions to manage the memory usage. When I use the DDM solver, it looks like very few of my allocated nodes are actually utilized. I cannot distill much from the EDT manual.


      Running EDT version 20.1 on CentOS, using SLURM. 



    • asamaiyar

      Hi Holloway,


      My university's (CU Boulder) HPC also has a slurm based job scheduler. I have written some scripts to implement this.

      I usually click on "Submit Jobs" button to generate the command that I put in my job file. For distributing FE-IE domains, I specify multiple machines in the machine list; disable automatic settings; specify 2-3 tasks per machine (*); check domain solver distribution in the distribution types. This distributes domains on multiple machines. I am not sure how efficiently it does that though.



      *it was hit and try, maybe 1 task will also work, but I am not sure. Sometimes it does, sometime it does not

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