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    • Jason Glasse

      I've just had to have my hard drive rebuilt and need to install spaceclaim 2019 R3 along with Keyshot Pro. Where can I find a download for this software and how do I register this on the licence portal?

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Forum Moderator

      Hello Jason Glasse

      You can download the older versions of Ansys Discovery from this page.

      Previous Versions - Knowledge Base - Ansys Discovery Forum

      For Keyshot, please visit Keyshot website.

      To register on the Ansys Customer Portal you will require a Ansys Customer ID which should be provided to you if you have any of the Ansys Floating licenses. 

      In case you have Ansys Discovery Subscription licenses, this is the Ansys Discovery Forum for Subscription users and it looks like you have already registered here! 

      • Jason Glasse

        Subashni Many thanks for this info

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