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validation of biomedical implant structural analysis

    • Bridgett
      I have run a simulation to analyse the structure of an implant on different position and situation. I wanted to validate the simulation model but the experimental setup and procedure would be too complicated as we should replicate a replica of the body parts anatomy with muscles, tendons, cartilages and so on. The literature also doesn't provide enough information as this implant component is not popular and the study that focuses on this component only is relatively new as well. Is there any option on how to validate the model? And how should I discuss the unavailability to conduct the experiment?
    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


      Please use pictures to explain what you are trying to study.

      Coming to some generic suggestions. The first question you should ask is what are you trying to study?

      Based on that answer think about what you can get rid of when trying to move towards a simplified model. See if you can account for some of the surrounding parts in terms of boundary conditions?

      Lastly, if you are trying to validate something you have to compare it to something. You can always do a design study to minimize the deformation etc.


    • peteroznewman

      I purchased two documents that explain how to validate a simulation model in the area of Structural Mechanics.

      ASME V&V 10.1-2012 “An Illustration of the Concepts of V&V in Computational Solid Mechanics” and

      ASME V&V 10-2006 "Guide for Verification and Validation in Computational Solid Mechanics".

      These documents have been endorsed by the FDA for studies that might be submitted as part of a 510(k) PMA.

      The 10.1 Illustration is much more useful and readable than the Guide. The pdf files have Digital Rights Management embedded so you can only open them on the computer that you installed the DRM software into your PDF viewer to read them, but you can also print the documents.


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