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General Mechanical

Validation of contact model

    • marco.ballotta.2

      Is there a way to validate the results of a simulation involving contacts? 

      I have obtained some stress results that seem realistic but how can I be sure they are correct?

      They come from two bodies in contact, so how do I know the contact is modeld in the correct way? Thank you 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello @marco.ballotta.2

      Please check out below Ansys Innovation Course on Reviewing Results - Validation and Insight Using Ansys Mechanical which covers topics related to reviewing stress analysis results.

      Results Insight - ANSYS Innovation Courses

    • marco.ballotta.2

      Thank you.

      I am also checking out the course on contact mechanics.

      Is it also useful to solve a simple contact problem and confront the results with the analytical solution, so to use the same contact settings for larger model that doesn't provide analytical solution? Hope I made myself clear.

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