Validation of NACA 0012 against Published Results

    • kamikazedeva

      I am currently working on the validation of NACA 0012. I have been asked to validate my results against published records, like the one attached to this discussion thread. Without any given values, I am unsure how can I validate my results and the published results need to be of a reliable source e.g from NASA. I have drawn out the NACA 0012 model using CATIA V5 and also finished running my simulation. Validation wise, I am only able to get published results in forms of pictures which are clearly not usable in the case of validating my results against published results. Could anyone suggest or help provide solutions so I can solve this problem? Thanks

    • peteroznewman

      Did you look at this NASA webpage?

      Read down the page and you will get to these few lines...

      Some of the experimental data for comparison are provided here:

    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      You can follow this tutorial from Simcafe. Simulation results are verified with the data published by Gregory & O'Reilly (Peter's last reference bullet). 


    • raul.raghav

      Both Peter and Vishal have provided you the sources and method you could follow to validate your results.

      Adding on to the discussion, if you want to extract information directly from a graph like the image you had attached from NASA's website, you could a graph digitizer software like GetData Graph Digitizer or WebPlotDigitizer. Its a very straight forward procedure and you'll get tons of youtube tutorials. Below are couple of them:

      GetData Graph Digitizer


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