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Value cannot be null. Parameter name: container

    • cktoh


      I got an error message "value cannot be null. Parameter name: container", after the following actions:

      (1) Duplicating a chain of mechanical models and static structural blocks, from a solved models.

      (2) Edit one of the mechanical models (Block E) in DesignModeler (move two bodies to be exact).

      (3) Update and re-read upstream data on the duplicated static structural model (Block F).

      (4) Got the error "value cannot be null. Parameter name: container"

      Attached are the schematics of my workbench and the error message. Block E,G,F are duplicates from Block B,C,D respectively.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      I would start to delete system F.

      Add then a new static and not a copy of system D, and then connect system E and G to it (new static system).

      Also read through this that might help:
      Assembling External Models and Mechanical Models (
    • cktoh

      Yes, creating a new system and reconnect it to E&G works, but that would require me to re-assign all the bodies and surfaces in boundary conditions, which is time consuming.
      I am trying to avoid that by duplicating the whole chain of blocks. Do you have any further advise on that?

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