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    • chendongwa

      Hello Everyone:

           I've calculated flux use Maxwell and another software, but the values of flux calculated by Maxwell is always 2*pi times less than the other software, i.e. 2 * pi * flux_by_Maxwell = flux_by_TheOtherSoftware. I wish to know what cause this difference. Is the actual unit of flux calculated by Maxwell "Wb/rad" ?

            Thanks very much !


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    • Paul Larsen
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please provide more information about the model?  Are you using Maxwell 2D RZ?  Is this magnetostatic or another solver?  Linear or nonlinear materials?  Which flux output are you using (field-based, Matrix Parameter, in solution results)?

    • chendongwa

      Thank you very much for your reply, Mr pblarsen !

      Yes, I am using Maxwell 2D RZ (Cylindrical about Z).

      I calculated flux using Magnetostatic, Eddy Current (frequency close to zero) and Transient (quantities are set to be constants) solvers, each solver gave almost the same result.

      Materials are all linear.

      Flux output (supposed to be field-based), I just plotted the flux lines and compared the values on colorbar. When I plot contour of (flux_by_TheOtherSoftware / 2pi), the values on colorbars of flux lines ploted by both Maxwell and TheOtherSoftware are almost equal.


      Thanks again for your reply !

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