Vaporisation of liquid nitrogen

    • bertc

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to simulate in CFX the vaporization of liquid nitrogen in a long pipe caused by the heated walls.

      Since I'm not very experienced with CFD simulations, is there a tutorial that i could follow?

      I have tried using the Ansys Help Documentation to build my simulation, but it still doesn't  work. 

      Thanks in advance!

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee
      Since you are new to CFD, it might be easier if you switch to using ANSYS Fluent as there are more tutorials available publicly compared to ANSYS CFX.

      Plus here's a technical paper from NASA that uses ANSYS Fluent to simulate a nitrogen slosh and boiling experiment.
    • bertc

      Thank you for the help!

    • bertc

      Hello everyone

      I still have some problems regarding the evaporation of liquid nitrogen in a heated pipe.

      What I'm trying to simulate is the phase change from liquid to gas, for liquid nitrogen entering a heated pipe(T_wall = 150°C).

      At first I defined a homogeneous mixture containing the liquid and gas phase and I've set this mixture to the continuous phase. For the fluid pair i've then set 0% mass fraction for the gas-phase at the beginning and 100% for the liquid phase.

      I've wanted to ask if this approach is somehow correct or should I use the liquid evaporation model of CFX for this problem?

      Or is it possible to simulate the evaporation of a single liquid component into its vapor in Fluent?

      I've watched the tutorial above, but since I don't have any droplet injections I'm not so sure if a can set up the simulation in a similar way to the tutorial.

      I would really appreciate if someone could help me.

      Thank you in advance!



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