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Variable material property

    • Maralll

      Any help would be appreciated on how I can input geometry-dependent young modulus in ansys workbench R2?

      I am trying to simulate a biological tissue which is assumed as a semi-hemisphere (3D) with a thin thickness which is under internal pressure. Since the real material is composed of many fibers throughout the thickness, the uniaxial tension test results in the lab have shown that the stiffness of the tissue changes in radial direction through the tissue. (Actually the fibers near the outer part are more interweaving leading to the higher stiffness)

      I already have a graph of young modulud and also shear modulus vs the radial position and I would like to apply them in my model. 

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Please see if the following link is of help to you: Hold my Beer: Spatially Varying Materials in Ansys Mechanical Made Easy - PADT (


      Ashish Khemka

    • Maralll

      Thank you Ashish for sending the link. The only thing is that my geometry is a hemi sphere. I generated element orientation in order to have the results in r (Z), theta (x) and phi (y) direction. So, I guess I need to consider the element orientation to be able to define the variable young modulus along the radial direction. So any idea of how I can consider the element orientation for x, y and z instead of cartesian or cylindrical coordinate system?


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