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Variable Name Renaming in an HFSS Project

    • Ata Vafi

      I'm looking for how to efficiently rename variable names on the HFSS design file (*.aedt). 
      Currently, the only way I know how to rename these variables is to do it manually, one by one, which can be extremely time-consuming, especially when dealing with numerous variables. Is there a more straightforward method or Python script that can automate this renaming process?
      Thank you for your help!

    • GioF
      Ansys Employee


      The local variables in HFSS can't be renamed in the local variable tab. However, you can create a new variable with a different name and assign the initial variable name as its value. This process can be automated with a Python script. 

      For more information on Variable Property scripting please refer to,

      Ansys Electronics 2023 R2 - Welcome to HFSS Help

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