VBScript in Ansys Q3D extractor

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      Hi Everyone,

      I'm trying to write a VBScript for Ansys q3d extractor .I have a DXF file that I wanted to import it into Ansys Q3D extractor, each time this file is changed in terms of number of conds

      for example: file1

      when I import it into the Ansys Q3d extractor software I got 69 cond

      file 2

      when I import it into Q3d extractor I got 72 cond

      so I would like to know how to merge the objects that intersect automatically because each time the number of objects changes from one file to another.

      That's what I want regardless of the number of objects file 3)


       here is the code that I did for a single file but I want it to automatically detect and test the conds that intersect and merge them since I have several different DXF files haven't the same number of conds.

      Thank you. Help me please

      file 2



    • bwide

      This is the code 

      Dim oAnsoftApp

         Dim oDesktop

         Dim oProject

         Dim oDesign

         Dim oEditor

         Dim oModule

         Set oAnsoftApp = CreateObject("Q3DExtractor.ScriptInterface")

         Set oDesktop = oAnsoftApp.GetAppDesktop()   


         Set oProject = oDesktop.GetActiveProject

         oProject.InsertDesign "Q3D Extractor", "Q3DDesign1", "", ""   

         Set oDesign = oProject.SetActiveDesign("Q3DDesign1")

         Set oEditor = oDesign.SetActiveEditor("3D Modeler")

      oEditor.ImportDXF ("NAMEptions", "FileName:=",  _

        "CUsers/jawhar/Desktop/dfg/wi3.dxf", "Scale:=", 0.001, "AutoDetectClosed:=",  _

        true, "SelfStitch:=", true, "DefeatureGeometry:=", false, "DefeatureDistance:=",  _

        0, "RoundCoordinates:=", false, "RoundNumDigits:=", 4, "WritePolyWithWidthAsFilledPoly:=",  _

        false, "ImportMethod:=", 1, "2DSheetBodies:=", false, ("NAME:LayerInfo", ("NAME:0", "source:=",  _

        "0", "display_source:=", "0", "import:=", true, "dest:=", "0", "dest_selected:=",  _

        false, "layer_type:=", "signal"), ("NAME:cond", "source:=", "cond", "display_source:=",  _

        "cond", "import:=", true, "dest:=", "cond", "dest_selected:=", false, "layer_type:=",  _


      Set oEditor = oDesign.SetActiveEditor("3D Modeler")

      oEditor.Unite ("NAME:Selections", "Selections:=",  _

        "cond_1,cond_2,cond_3,cond_26,cond_27,cond_39,cond_40,cond_52,cond_59,cond_60,c" & _

        "ond_4,cond_5,cond_28,cond_41,cond_53,cond_7,cond_29,cond_30,cond_42,cond_61,co" & _

        "nd_9,cond_8,cond_43,cond_6,cond_54"), ("NAME:UniteParameters", "KeepOriginals:=",  _


      oEditor.Unite ("NAME:Selections", "Selections:=",  _

        "cond_18,cond_19,cond_34,cond_35,cond_47,cond_48,cond_57,cond_64,cond_17,cond_2" & _

        "0,cond_21,cond_58,cond_67,cond_36,cond_49,cond_22,cond_65,cond_69,cond_38,cond" & _

        "_51,cond_25,cond_24,cond_23,cond_50,cond_37"), ("NAME:UniteParameters", "KeepOriginals:=",  _


      oEditor.Unite ("NAME:Selections", "Selections:=",  _

        "cond_31,cond_44,cond_10,cond_11,cond_12,cond_13,cond_14,cond_32,cond_45,cond_5" & _

        "6,cond_63,cond_66,cond_68,cond_55,cond_62"), ("NAME:UniteParameters", "KeepOriginals:=",  _


      oEditor.Unite ("NAME:Selections", "Selections:=",  _

        "cond_16,cond_15,cond_33,cond_46"), ("NAME:UniteParameters", "KeepOriginals:=",  _



      but the problem is in the command oEditor.Unite I want to make autoamtic selections since each time the numbers of conds is changed

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