VBScripting in Ansys Q3D extractor

    • bwide
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm trying to write a VBScript for Ansys q3d extractor .I have a DXF file that I wanted to import it into Ansys Q3D extractor, each time this file is changed in terms of number of conds

      for example: file1

      when I import it into the Ansys Q3d extractor software I got 69 cond

      file 2

      when I import it into Q3d extractor I got 72 cond

      so I would like to know how to merge the objects that intersect automatically because each time the number of objects changes from one file to another.

      That's what I want regardless of the number of objects file 3)


       here is the code that I did for a single file but I want it to automatically detect and test the conds that intersect and merge them since I have several different DXF files haven't the same number of conds.

      Thank you. Help me please





    • sv1437

      Hi bwide,

       Instead of using a script to do this. Try the below procedure:

       1) Select all the objects and unite them. Now they will be shown as single object in the Modeler tree.

       2) Now select the object and select the menu item Modeler > Boolean > Separate bodies.

       Let me know if you have any questions.



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