Velocity Inlet with multiple inlet faces

    • Marcel Eckard

      Hello everyone

      I was wondering what happens when in Ansys Fluent I have a velocity-inlet defined, which is connected to multiple inlet faces with the same area. (The connection was done through named-selection in the meshing process.)

      An example here would be four generic dilution holes in a gas turbine combustor or multiple premix inlet tubes.

      When I define a mass flow in the velocity-inlet setting, does it devide the mass flow by the number of faces or will the defined mass flow be present at every face? Same question if instead of mass flow I define a velocity or a velocity profile?


      Thank you for your feedback in advance!



    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      You don't specify a mass flow on a velocity inlet, you set the velocity. In which case you get that velocity value on all surfaces in that boundary condition. 

      For a mass flow inlet you'll split the mass flow over all of the surfaces. 

      As an example. If you have four separate surfaces in one bc:

      • For a velocity boundary you could easily have four times as much mass as you expect (total).
      • For a mass flow boundary each surface would receive a quarter of the total. 


      Best bet is to build an example and see for your self. 

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