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Velocity profile

    • fass0003

      How can I apply the profile of velocity at the inlet boundary face for an external fluid flow problem?

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      At the moment, only a constant velocity profile is supported.  The velocity is applied uniformly along the plane of the selected face.

    • papp
      Hi, however only constant inlet velocities are supported on the enclosure walls, the system can be hacked using the following method: 1) Create a thin body (basically a very narrow box) next to the enclosure wall you want to apply the velocity profile on. 2) Create smaller sub-sections on the inside face of the box (closest to the object in your wind tunnel) based on the velocity profile you want to achieve. 3) Apply different inlet velocities on each sub-face, using negative values to change the directions in order to get inlets. Don't forget to delete or switch off the original inlet. I have attached an image of my results using the external fluids demo geometry. Bálint  
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