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Discovery Import

Velocity Profile – Discovery LIVE

    • m.hamza_amu



      I followed the example provided in the following thread to create inlet velocity profile.


      Velocity Profile


      However, I get very strange results at the inlet (See attached). The inlet velocities are not mixed properly and there is clear separation of flow between inlets. Any solutions as to how can I fix this?


      I am also attaching my file for reference. I use a Quadro P5000 with max fidelity. The maximum GPU memory consumption goes to 8.5 GB, with another 7.5GB memory still left to spare on the card.



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    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hello gm86

      The approach suggested as a workaround in the thread you have shared, suggest to create smaller subsection on the inside face of the thin body. However you seem to have divided the entire thin body while attempting to mimic the approach.

      I tried with a single body and only the face divided but not the entire body. The results looked much better with these changes. Please try the same and do let me know if you still encounter any strange observation.



    • papp

      Hi gm86 ,

      In my experience, the best method for this is to create the inlet surfaces on the Enclosure wall. You can do this by projecting the rectangles from the blue bodies to the Enclosure using the Project tool.


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