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Verify conduction path ‘Path1’

    • Martina Lazzari

      I'm using Maxwell Student 2023 R1 to run a simulation AC Conduction for testing an interaction between blood and two electrodes, but when I enter the dielectric characteristics of blood and I run the simulation, it stop working and shows the following error:

      "Verify conduction path 'Path1': if a conduction path contains current exitation(s), it must contain at least one Voltage or Sink exitation but not both"

      Concerning excitations I'm using two electrodes, one with a current on the lower face and the other one with a sink, always on the lower face.
      How can I check where the problem is?

    • Reshmi Raghavan
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Martina,

      Please check the below points.

      1) Are both the electrodes part of a single conduction path? - check the conduction path

      2) If they are not part of a single conduction path current in and sink has to be defined for both the conductor.

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