Verifying Model Results

    • Alhussein


      I'm using Transient Thermal in workbench to simulate heating of an embedded metal ring using radio frequency. I'm using a thermocouple inserted near the ring to measure its temperature but I'm worried that the electromagnetic field from the ring is affecting the thermocouple reading. I also can't use a thermal camera because taking out the ring from the material surrounding it would affect the results. So far, the results from the thermocouple and the model don't seem to agree very well. My question is how to verify that I'm getting accurate results from the model knowing that I don't fully trust the measurements? Like, is using stagnant air (simplified case) good for film coefficient? Is my imported load transferred correctly? Any help would be appreciated and I'm also open if anyone has a better way to measure the ring temperature.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      It's likely that the Thermal model is correct (assuming convergence) for the given input. However without a detailed look at the experiment (which I'm not allowed to do) it's anybody's guess whether you are modelling the experiment. 

    • peteroznewman

      This article recommends using a Resistance Temperature Device instead of a thermocouple when taking measurements in a strong electromagnetic field.

      Here is a tutorial on RTDs

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