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General Mechanical

Vibration analysis at Elevated temperature

    • Tez123


      I am carrying out Thermo-mechanical vibration analysis,

      Procedure i have followed is,

      I have imported temperature data from CFD to Static thermal analysis for temperature Mapping on remaining components

      Linked thermal to Static structural analysis to find thermo-mechanical stress.

      Linked structural to modal analysis to find natural frequency (observed that natural frequency at elevated temperature is less than the room temperature)

      Linked modal to harmonic to find stress in vibration for given g acceleration load (Observed that stresses are less than stress in thermo mechanical analysis)

      I have doubt that why stresses are less than thermo mechanical analysis. As it is pre-stressed due higher temperature stress should me more in vibration than then thermo-mechanical analysis. 

      or Any other method should be followed to carry out this analysis

      Thanks in advance  


    • jj77

      I think the best thing is to do all of that in one single transient since you have a harmonic load you can define there a sinus.

      (Now you just consider the stress stiffening./softening effect so influence on the K matrix from stresses - one is not transferring over stresses though)


      In that way you will get the superposition of thermal stresses - say step 1 - imported thermal and run thermal stress, and say step 2 is the vibration analysis on top of that. The results are combined automatically. See example below:




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