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Vibrations in fluids


    • Adolfo Mendoza Ambrocio

      Hello ANSYS community,

      I would like to know if it is possible to simulate an object vibrating within a fluid or impose a vibration as a boundary condition. If so, what is the recommended approach?

      My goal is to study the behavior of the fluid, and if this is feasible.
      I would appreciate any guidance or recommendations you can provide.

      Thank you.

    • Kalyan Goparaju
      Ansys Employee


      Ansys Fluent allows you to specify spatially and temporally varying boundary conditions, using Expressions or UDF's, using which you can simulate a vibration boundary condition. If you want to include the solid in the simulation and if it is rigid, you can use the "Six-DOF" option in the "Dynamic Mesh" tab of Ansys Fluent.  If the motion is restricted to a particular direction, like in vibration, you can constraint the 6-DOF using the properties panel or a UDF. 



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