View of whole PMSM motor

    • Lukas8778

      Hey there,

      I'm new to ANSYS and currently configuring a PMSM using Rmxprt/ Maxwell 3D.

      When I create the Maxwell 3D design the program only visualizes 1 pole of the motor as follows:

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Lukas8778 nBefore you analyze the RMxprt model, go to RMxprt > Design settings > User-Defined Data > Check EnablenIn the text window type Fractions 1 without quotation marks (capital F).nThen Analyse the RMxprt model and create the Maxwell model nAfter creating the 3D Maxwell model select the design in the project manager window and in the properties window change halfAxial value to zero,nThis should generate the full machine Maxwell model.nnRegardsnNavyan
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