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General Mechanical

visoelastic properties of an orthotropic material

    • samsatch


      I want to model the viscoelasticy of an orthotropic material using Ansys, but when I try to define the materials properties in data engineering, i can choose the viscoelastic propreties only for isotropic behaviour, how can I add the data i have in this picture bellow (in matrix form not a sigle value)

      Thanks in advance

      Verion I am using : 2019 R3

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee
      I think you want to use the "Prony Series" to define your rate dependency in a Mechanical Implicit simulation. The "Viscoelastic" option you are trying to use appears to be intended for Explicit Dynamics applicatitons.
      Engineering Data allows me to define this combination (just as an example).

    • samsatch
      Thank you, yes i want to use prony series, but as shown above, my parameters are in matrix forms not scalar, and I want to know how to insert them in matrix form, and for the orthotropic elasticity, I don't have those values in my problem.
      I am really sorry to bother, I am a student and not very good with Ansys, If you can help I can send you the pdf maybe it'll help.

      Best regards
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