Voltage drop in diode and transistor in Rmxprt.

    • junaed.buet

      I was planning to design a BLDC motor via rmxprt. In circuit portion I have given voltage drop across one diode and voltage drop across one transistor (Figure 1). When a 2D maxwell design was created from rmxprt a maxwell circuit is automatically created (figure 2) with transistor and diode properties specified in SW model and Dmodel as shown in figure 3. However whenever I change the voltage drop value in diode and transistor ,only value Is is changed in diode model but no changes in transistor model. There is a diode placed in series with the transistor. Is this diode is used to model the voltage drop characteristics of the transistor? Kindly let me know how the process here is working. Thanks in advance.

                                                     Figure 1                                                                                                              Figure 2

      Figure 3

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      Hello junaed.buet,

           Transistor (switch) is ideal component in Maxwell external circuit. You could define Ron and then Maxwell will use Ron*current to determine the voltage drop.

           Maxwell external circuit would not follow the RMxprt for this component's properties.


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