Voltage Input Issue

    • hassa124

      Good morning,

      I am using an external circuit to simulate a voltage sinusoidal waveform. However, the current output does not make any sense.

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @ Gad_Lad_1 Ansys employees can't download any attachments from the open forum. can you add the screenshot using the image option and not the attachment option?
      Add screenshots for both the external circuit and current waveform you got from the simulation.
      What do you mean by the current that the motor can handle?
      Which Ansys simulation tool are you using for this simulation? and what machine type are you simulating?
      Please provide all the necessary information so that I can interpret the problem correctly.

      Regards Navya
    • hassa124
      When I say "Current is higher than what the motor can handle" I mean the motor has a rated current of 139 A, but the data sheet says:

      Rated Output: 100kW
      Rated Voltage: 300 V
      PF: 0.8

      I am using Maxwell 2D and Twinbuilder, simulating a PMSM.
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