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Volume Extraction within Enclosed Area

    • galkhamis



      I am trying to model a very simplified version of a greenhouse and I am having trouble extracting volumes for the entrapped air inside the greenhouse since the regions don't have inlets or outlets. There are two covering layers in the model and two entrapped areas of interest. The first is the gap between the outer layer and the inner layer (Area 1 in the figure). The second area is the inside of the inner layer (Area 2 in the figure). Can anyone show me how to extract those areas into volumes so I can assign then into fluid regions in my model (I am using the thermal model template)? I uploaded the geometry for reference as well. 

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    • Charudatta Bandgar

      Hello, galkhamis ,

      Upon seeing your geometry, I noticed few gaps, that could be incorrect to extract two different volumes (area1 and area 2), hence as per my understanding of the problem statement and expected outcome, I removed the gap and used the method of volume extraction as explained in this post


      In your case, with the  tool in Prepare>Volume extract, select the outer surfaces of your geometry as the enclosing surface for your fluid analysis. Whereas for the seeding surfaces, which are chosen to make the tool understand the inner intricacies of the geometry, select any to faces of the inner layer (signifying the thickness), with the   tool.

      Please find attached images to understand how I achieved the desired output, and let me know if my understanding was incorrect,


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