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Volume Flow Rate in CFD-Post

    • Amanda Walls


      I am very new to ANSYS Fluent and am struggling with post-processing. When I set up my simulation and look at the results under the Solution tab, I can see the plot that I have set-up for Volume Flow Rate vs. Time (I am doing a transient simulation). I would like to be able to get the raw data values so I can plot it in a different software. In the Solutions section, I see that I can make an XY-plot, but volume flow rate is not an option for the y-axis even though I have a plot that was made during the simulation. I have also tried creating a Chart under the Results section (CFD-post), but again volume flow rate is not an option to select for my y-axis. And it wouldn't work anyways because I can't select a plane for the "location" for the chart. I have managed to get the raw data values for Wall Shear Stress vs. Time in the cfd-post section, so I don't know why volume flow rate is not an option. Please help!!!

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      With every created Report Definition you have the option to write an out-file (Report File) which can be post-processed using Third-Party tools or even manipulated within Python. 

      In Ansys CFD Post you need to create the Volumetric Flow Rate out of MassFlow Rate or using some solution variables: Are Integral of the velocity at the boundary Of interest. You need then to create a transient chart to show that volumetric flow rate vs time.

      I recommend to stick to quantitivve evaluation in Ansys Fluent and rely on post-processing the outfile elsewhere. You have the Option in Ansys Fluent to show the Report Definition under Data Sources.

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