Volumetric flow rate of a naturally ventilated room

    • junu

      I am studying in a room that is naturally ventilated. A small room inside the air domain. I just want to find out about the volumetric flow rate in the room only. But I'm getting the full air domain rate right now. Since I'm new to this field, someone could guide me, please, how I could get that value. In geometry, I combine the air domain with the room fluid region. 


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please create a surface at the door/window of the room. Then mesh the domains. Give named selection to that face. Then run the simulation. Then you can check the quantities on that face. 

      Following links may be useful for you. Also please go through help manual for more details. 





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    • junu

      Thanks. It works.

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