Wall Lubrication Force

    • MMary


      I'm using the DDPM model in Fluent as I wish to include wall lubrication forces in my simulations (dispersed particles in fluid under microgravity in a closed cavity). However, with DDPM I can only see a 'DPM-averaged model' available and I can't find any information on what this means. This option is also selected for the lift coefficient. Would you be able to tell me what 'DPM-averaged model' means?

      Also is there a way for me to report the lubrication forces?

      Thank you in advance.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Dense DPM is hybrid model where we are still tracking particles in the Lagrangian Framework but averaging their impact in each cell on the primary phase (more is done actually than that): from that paradigm you are using that "DPM-Averaged Model" for drag and other staff. If you want to add any forces on the particles you need to rely on DPM Body Forces Macro or adjust DPM Drag to account for the wall effects.
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