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Wall temp results in fluent different to CFD Post, why?

    • jonheb
      I have run a simulation of fluid flow through a rectangular channel, there is a heat flux boundary condition applied to the simulation.
      I measure the wall by two methods
      i) in fluent draw a line across the wall where the heat flux boundary is applied, I use surface integrals, area weighted average, temp, wall temp.
      ii)in CFD post again same method of drawing a line, line ave, adjacent wall temp

      Problem is both results are different. How do I know which is correct? I’m trying to calculate Nusselt number
    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Not sure why do you need to draw a line to measure temp at wall. If you define/name that wall in preprocessor (meshing), Fluent will take that wall as a wall BC so that you can compute temperature on the wall directly. 

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