Wankel Compressor – Sliding interface problem ANSYS fluent

    • aransrik

      I am doing a project on developing a Wankel compressor. I have written a UDF code for the eccentric motion of the rotor and another one for the housing to enable the nodes of the housing wall to move in sync with the speed of the rotor apexes.
      The geometry was created in solidworks and the ports are circular extrusions that were not merged with the main body so that they can be kept as separate bodies.
      In my mesh I have defined the contact region between the ports and the housing.
      When I run the simulation, I get an error saying "negative volume cell volume detected" and "Warning: Failed to correct face handedness ".
      When I previewed the mesh motion at the time step it failed, the face of the outlet port that was defined in the contact region with the housing was moving when it should be stationary. I have not given it a mesh motion and am not sure what to do. I have provided a picture below. Please advice. 


    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please keep both bodies in different parts. It needs non conformal mesh.

      In your case there may be conformal mesh




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