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Want to Apply Symmetry Option

    • MubasherAli

      Hello respected Members!

      I am currently doing research on variable densities of spring. I am trying to simulate an array of spring with symmetry option but since last a week, I am unable to get the correct result. I saw many videos but still confused, how to apply the symmetry option. I am going to attach the picture of the array of spring and single spring to which I wanna apply the symmetry option. Thereby, I also attached the IGS file. Please let me know if someone knows about the symmetry option in the Ansys workbench. 

      This is the spring array which i want to split into 4 pieces for symmetry option This is the single spring, already separated from the array of spring for symmetry option but stucked

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      ANSYS employees on the forum are not allowed to download the files.

      Have you checked following in the help:


      Guidelines on the Student Community

      How to access ANSYS help links

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