warning when i was create mesh with inflation and body of influence

    • saeidch


      I'm trying to draw a square mesh with 'inflation'  as follows. I use the Cut Cell method, and I use 'sizing', and body of influence.

      But when I generate the mesh I get an alert when it's done: ” Assembly meshing Inflation meshing has ignored inflation controls on faces which have been defeatured out, or are omitted from the initial Assembly mesh.”

      Can anyone help me?



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Cut cell is top down approach. Please check documentation for the background. 

      So it ignores the faces which are smaller than the defeature size. As those faces are ignored, this warning came in that inflation on those faces is ignored. 

      THis is just a warning. you can ignore this warning and go ahead to solver. 




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