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General Mechanical

Warning while using the External Data utility

    • Aya.hassan

      I am using the External Data utility in fluid structure interaction analysis. The fluid is solved and output pressure then it is imported into structure. The pressure is imported and the model is solved but I have this warning:
      The program controlled pinball grew more than 10% of the source point bounding box maximum length

      What does it mean and how can I overcome this warning?

    • Bhargava Sista
      Ansys Employee

      Above warning message appears if program controlled pinball is greater than the source points bounding box. This warning message usually shows up in the case of trying to map results from a fine mesh to a coarse mesh using the Triangulation technique. The search algorithm would start by a program controlled pin ball size, but since the mesh is coarse, this size may be increased to find the closest nodes. 

      Specify a pinball larger than the gap between the source and target nodes.

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